We have been taking care of your home since 1997.

We can proudly say that the continuous focus on our consumers through the offer of quality products has made our brands, AXEL and BIOBELL, become an integral part of every household. Our company stands out with top quality, the latest technology, a wide range of products and the care for the environment. This combination of perfect quality, great results and the responsibility towards people and environment has contributed to even better products, technological solutions and joint development.

Within the factory, we have developed a laboratory where we control basic quality parameters of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products by using modern methods. Also, we use services of accredited laboratories and other relevant institutions in Serbia for testing the quality of household chemicals, as well as services of accredited laboratories for testing the microclimate and other parameters that define the quality of working conditions in our production facilities.

Our headquarters are in Belgrade and the production complex is located in Vranjska Banja. In the production plant with an area of over 2000 m2, liquid and powdered detergents are produced and packaged.

We are stronger together

The company has achieved a healthy and stable development based on the foundations of professionalism, knowledge and quality of its employees. When it comes to the relationship between employees, we have built an atmosphere of trust, support and respect in which everyone can express their interests and contribute to the success of the company. Good interpersonal relationships inside and outside the company are one of the pillars of our business.

Care for the environment is an important issue

The company is committed to respecting the principles of sustainable development when making business decisions. The task of all employees is to constantly work on reducing the negative impacts of their business activities on the environment.

SIMCHEM encourages initiatives and responsible behavior related to the environment and prevention of its degradation.

Meet us!

Axel and BioBell are the results of our work. They cover a complete line of products for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of households, as well as a complete line of products for maintaining, washing and softening laundry.





Private brands

Since 2009, SIMCHEM has been producing private brands for the leading retail chains in Serbia. We are recognized as a reliable partner of retail chains and together we create products to maintain complete hygiene and cleanliness of households, as well as liquid laundry detergents. We can proudly say that private brands which we produce stand out with their exceptional quality.