Axel Super Formula, a new dishwashing liquid

One of the many novelties planned for 2020, which we have prepared with great enthusiasm, is Axel Super Formula. We have created a new hand dishwashing detergent with the desire to provide our consumers with the perfect dishwashing formula that removes grease very efficiently, even in cold water.


New Axel detergent for all washable surfaces and floors

We are happy to present new products which facilitate daily cleaning of all washable surfaces and floors, Axel Fiori di Campo and Axel Fiori del Paradiso. Our new floor cleaners easily clean dirty surfaces, which afterwards have long-lasting and wonderful scent. Just one cap of the product per 3 L of hot water (without rinsing) is enough to remove dirt in your household. The floral fragrant notes of Axel floor cleaners will awake spring freshness.