Promotion of BioBell liquid laundry detergents

Since the start of 2021, we have been working on many novelties concerning our products. Another project saw the light of the day and we could not wait to present it to our consumers. BioBell liquid laundry detergents - Wool, Color and Black are now refreshed, in new packaging and with fragrant notes carefully selected in cooperation with the world's most famous perfume manufacturers. An additional improvement is a special formula that makes the smell on the fabric last longer.

We organized the BioBell promotion in cooperation with our long-term partner, the retail chain DIS. We introduced consumers to the news and shared samples of all three liquid detergents. The new fragrances left a great impression, and we could see that we satisfied our consumers’ expectations when the ones who tried the sample, came back with compliments and decided to purchase new BioBell liquid laundry detergents.