AXEL Sgrasso 750 mL + AXEL Glass 750 mL

Concentrated liquid degreasing agent with a sprayer 750 mL + Glass cleaner with a sprayer 750mL

Axel Sgrasso completely removes grease residues by penetrating even the most resistant deposits. It very efficiently cleans blinds, garden furniture, bicycles, radiators and it is especially recommended for cleaning the kitchen: ovens, hobs, pots, countertops, parts of the aspirator, grill, tiles, as well as all other places where grease could be deposited.
Instructions for use: Spray Axel Sgrasso on the surface you want to clean. Wait a few moments, wipe with a damp cloth, rinse and polish with a dry cloth. When cleaning the oven, repeat this procedure at a temperature of 50 ° to 60 ° C. For more resistant dirt, soak the parts (parts of filters, aspirators…) in 10% solution for a few hours. Rinse afterwards.

Thanks to its new formula, Axel Glass removes dirt and makes all glass surfaces shine (glass and all types of mirrors). Due to the presence of nano protective particles, the surfaces stay clean longer and less water condenses on them.
Instructions for use: Spray Axel Glass directly on the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a cloth. For a higher gloss effect, you can polish the glass and mirrors with a soft clean cloth.

Transport packaging: 6 pieces; cardboard box

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