BioBell House Orange detergent for washable surfaces and floor

Liquid detergent for all washable surfaces and floor

BioBell House facilitates daily cleaning (of floors, kitchen, bathroom) and leaves a fresh smell of cleanliness.

Instructions for use: Floors - pour one bottle cap of BioBell House per 3L of water and wipe the floor. For heavier dirt, pour the detergent directly on the floor, wipe and clean with water afterwards. Kitchen - pour a little BioBell House on a damp cloth and clean. Bathroom – BioBell House is ideal for cleaning all surfaces in the bathroom. Pour one bottle cap of detergent into the water, wipe the surfaces afterwards and you will get cleanliness, hygiene and a pleasant smell. It is not recommended for textile floors, as well as for furniture and floors from unvarnished wood.

Transport packaging: 12 pieces; thermal foil

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